The 8th Mountain, By Dr. Bruce Cook
How the 8th Mountain of the Lord Transforms and Empowers Leaders to Influence the 7 Mountains of Culture
Want to meet some IdeaLeaders? Are you an IdeaLeader?
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Join in! The 8thMountain’s IdeaLeaders are solving perplexing problems of all kinds!

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IdeaVault: Where God ideas become God stories

Learn from IdeaLeaders who are solving perplexing problems using Christian insights that bridge municipality, marketplace and ministry. Then apply what you’ve learned to bring forward your own God-breathed ideas.


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Meet a few of our favorite people . . . IdeaLeaders!

  • Dave Hodgson Founder and CEO of the Paladin Group of Companies

    Dave Hodgson is the founder and CEO of the Paladin Group of Companies, overseeing millions of dollars in business acquisitions and private equity investments.

  • Dr. Clyde Rivers Founder and President of iChange Nations

    Dr. Clyde Rivers’ candid knowledge of God and Government come from his numerous consultations with top-level officials around the globe.

    • Sher Valenzuela Vice President of First State Manufacturing

      Sher Valenzuela is the Vice President of First State Manufacturing, an industrial upholstery company.

      • Dr. Bruce Cook CEO of Kingdom Congressional International Alliance

        Dr. Bruce Cook has 40 years of solid business experience and is a top leader in the Marketplace.

      • Os Hillman Founder and Executive Director of Marketplace Leaders

        Os Hillman is the author of 12 books and a daily workplace e-mail devotional called TGIF: Today God is First, which has roughly 200,000 daily subscribers worldwide.



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