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The Generational Nature of Kingdom Wealth Session 1 — Dave Hodgson

Introduction: Have you confused being a Christian with living a just, righteous life? Are you expecting that faith, without honest living will trigger the transfer of wealth to you? Dave Hodgson reveals from Scripture and testimony about God’s clear requirements for the transfer of Wealth – including the Generational Nature of his plan to bless your succeeding generations. See Joshua, Obed, Boaz, Caleb and other heroes of the faith through new eyes – eyes that see your path to Generational Wealth Transfer.

About the IdeaLeader: Sent, for safety, away from home all alone at the age of 4, Dave learned survival skills that later gave him a leadership role in Rhodesia’s SAS elite counter-terrorism unit. Forced from his nation through political upheaval, he ended up in Australia, where a God-encounter changed his life once again. Encountering dishonest and greedy Christians in ministry and business has taught Dave to recognize Babylon, and oust it from the marketplace.

Dave Hodgson is the founder and CEO of the Paladin Group of Companies, overseeing millions of dollars in business acquisitions and private equity investments. Paladin is a leader in financial engineering with its patented “Capital Guarantee.” Paladin Corporation has interests in the energy, water infrastructure, and health and fitness sectors. The corporation is also involved in investment banking. Hodgson is a regular speaker at business conferences around the world, sharing how “all may prosper.” He is also the founder of Kingdom Investors, a ministry providing Christian business people keys to being successful in business, both spiritually and practically. God’s calling on his life is to fund the kingdom of God and be successful in the marketplace, while activating others to do the same. He has a vision and goal of helping to make Australia the first “sheep nation” on earth (Matthew 25:31-46) and so he works closely with a broad, national coalition of Kingdom leaders to effect that.

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