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The Economics of Mutuality — Bruno Roche

Introduction: Can you generate too much profit? If you enrich your company while impoverishing your suppliers and your workers, will the business survive? Bruno Roche, Mars Inc chief economist, identifies the key capital measurements that a business must recognize and develop in order to be sustainable. Examples of Mars experience with this new model in Kenya and the Philippines demonstrate that mutuality is the only road ahead for Kingdom enterprises.

Powerful advice to deal with the bumps and bruises that all of us take from the global financial markets.

About the IdeaLeader: Bruno Roche is a French-Belgian economist, speaker, businessman, and author. He is Chief Economist and Managing Director for Catalyst, a global thought leadership capability and internal corporate think tank for Mars, Inc., a global manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products with US $33 billion in annual sales in 2015, and is ranked as the sixth largest privately held company in the United States by Forbes. He serves on the Network of Global Agenda Councils (on Sustainable Development), for the World Economic Forum (WEF), a Swiss nonprofit foundation, best known for its annual meeting bringing together some 2,500 top business leaders, international political leaders, selected intellectuals, and journalists for up to four days to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world. He is co-author of the book, Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World, which advocates an alternative to focusing on maximizing returns to shareholders, a broader view that enables businesses to do well while doing good. He holds two master’s degrees, a Master of Science in Systems Management, and a Master of Science in Computer Sciences and Mathematics Engineering, as well as completing two postgraduate programs, a Diploma of Profound Studies (DEA) in Economics and Management and a DEA in International Economics and Finance, all from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management of the Université libre de Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium.

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