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The 8thMountain offers a variety of FREE products to guests, registered users, and Community Members. PREMIUM products and services are offered for purchase through our IdeaStore. Purchasing a Community Membership subscription provides unlimited access to a collection of premium products, and select service offerings. Visit the IdeaStore.


Examples of FREE products that can be experienced by guests, registered users, and Community Members, include:


  • eBooks
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  • Select videos
  • Articles
  • Recorded webinars


Examples of PREMIUM products that can be purchased in the IdeaStore include:


  • Community Membership subscriptions
  • Marketplace Module DVD / Workbook Sets
  • On-demand Videos
  • eBooks
  • Miscellaneous merchandise


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Becoming an IdeaLeader opens the door to provide your media and message on the Some of your posts will be offered for FREE while PREMIUM posts are offered in the IdeaStore under a revenue sharing agreement. If you would like us to consider offering another product, contact us.

8thMountain IdeaServices: Interactive. Engaged. Personalized. Powerful. Proven.

Strategic Intercession
Strategic Intercession
Offered by
Strategic Intercession Services
KCIA Strategic Intercession Services is led by Dr Bruce Cook, and builds a Strategic Intercession team around each Client.
Courts of Heaven
Courts of Heaven
Offered by
Son Rise Cultural CTR
Courts of Heaven
Courtroom Team assists the Client in bringing lasting resolution to life issues that frustrate, defeat, disempower, or delay the delivery of answers to prayer and the fulfillment of divine destiny.
Speakers Bureau
Speakers Bureau
Offered by
Speakers Bureau
KCIA provides referrals to several of its members, who are proven inspirational, motivational, and transformational speakers on a variety of topics for nearly any audience.
Webinars & Coaching
Webinars & Coaching
Offered by
Empower 2000
Webinars & Professional Coaching
Webinars are the new interactive TV, and bring powerful IdeaLeaders into engaged discussion with other IdeaLeaders, hungry learners, curious customers, and potential partners.

Services offered through the 8thMountain are delivered by 3rd party Service Providers.


Purchasers of these Services must review and agree with the terms of offer, register, pay, and take delivery of the service directly from the Service Provider.


On an ongoing basis, we will add, drop, or replace Services and Service Providers to improve the value and experience of our Customers.

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